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Flute Keys

Mendini Nickel C Flute 16 Keys Close Hole, Offset G, Split E +CareKit+Case


Mendini C Flute ~Silver Nickel, Gold, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple or Red Lacquered


Mendini Purple C Flute 16 Keys Close Hole, Offset G, Split E +Tuner+CareKit+Case


Vintage Flute Irish or Period playing - nearly 20 keys! 


Mendini Silver Plated C Flute 17 Keys Open Hole Italian Pad B Foot+Tuner+Carekit


Mendini C Flute ~Silver Gold Blue Green Pink Purple Red +Tuner+Stand+Carekit


Italian Pad Engraved Design 17 Keys Open Hole Sliver Plated Flute Key of C


2 Native American Flute Kits A & C Key Both Poplar Wood Individual You Finish


Native American Style Bamboo Flute Key of G


Fife Flute - One-piece - Bird's-Eye Mahogany - Key of A - 2 Octaves


Professional New Brass Flute 16 Hole Gold key C New WITH Case


Lazarro® Closed Hole C Flute,Split E+Case,Kit~4 School,Students,Band~22 COLORS






New Nickel Plated Silver School Band Flute C Tone 16 Keys Closed Hole with Case


BANSURI Indian Flute | Full Size 24" | Handcrafted Bamboo | Key of G | Banjira


Extra Long Traditional Wooden Flute Handmade Bamboo-Bansuri-F Tone Student Flute


D Key Chinese Traditional Instrument Dizi Bitter Bamboo Flute with Chinese D6W1


Gemeinhardt 72sp Flute with Split E Key silver in case very good condition


Fife Flute -One-piece - Curly Butternut Wood - Key of E Major - 2 Octaves


Fife Flute - one piece - Native Cherry - Key of D Major - 2 Octaves


New 9 Colors Wind 16 Key Hole C Flute for Student Beginner School Band w/ Case


Irish Celic flute in the key of D


Authentic Native American Eagle Flute hand made by Jonah Thompson key of A


JP Gomez Heartsong Flute Native American Key of G Bison - with Bag - Sedona AZ


Western Cedar 5 Hole Native American Flute by Blue Bear Flutes Key of A


FIfe Flute - one piece - Curly Maple - Key of D Major - 2 Octaves


Authentic Native American Bear Flute hand made by Jonah Thompson in key of D


Children Soprano Recorder Flute Yamaha YRS-23 Ivory Key of C


High Spirits Flute, Aromatic Cedar, Key of F#, Eagle


Windsong Rosewood Flute, Side Blown, Horizontal, Key of D, 16 inch wood


Fife Flute - one piece - Purpleheart - Key of D Major - 2 Octaves


Native American style flute in the key of C at 432 hz


Mendini C Flute w/ Spilt E+Stand, Tuner & Book-6 Colors


New Chinese Bamboo Flute/dizi C/D/E/F/G key+ flute glue+ dimo+flute bag


Native American style flute in the key of G sharp at 432 hz


17 open hole silver plated flute with Split E mechanism offset-G keys and B foot


Flute Care Kit, Key Oil, Swab, Cleaning Swab, Cork Grease, Head Cork, Polish


Fife Flute - One-piece - Eastern Red Cedar - Key of C Major - 2 Octaves


Native American Drone flute key of "F"